Thank you from the Rose City Volksters!

The Rose City Volksters would like to extend our deep appreciation to those that made the 24th Annual Northwest Bug Run a great success.

Thank you to this years show sponsors: HM Motorsports, House of Ghia, T-Line, and Canby Import Auto

One of our goals this year was to make the show area more “club oriented” by establishing club corrals. We believe that involvement in your local VW club is a great way to support and grow the VW community. The Volksters would like to thank the following clubs for filling the club corrals: Absolutely VW Club , The DDB, and Southern Oregon VW Club. In addition we’d like to recognize the Good Times VW and Mid-Columbia VW Clubs for their attendance and support of the show.

Great weather and overwhelming turnout made the 24th Annual Northwest Bug Run a record setting event. The official numbers will be out soon, so check back to see the results.

Volksters Choice Winner

2009 Volkster Choice Winner


Event Photos

We have lots of pictures from this year, See the 2009 Photo Album


2009 NW Bug Run Show Results

Class Place # Name City/State
AC Type 1 57 & Older 1st 9034 Dustin Howell West Linn, OR
2nd 9133 Jeff Campbell Salem, OR
AC Type 1 58 – 67 1st 9025 Alan Beckel Vancouver, WA
2nd 9154 Jim Dole
AC Type 1 68 & Newer 1st 9096 Bob Stanton Vancouver, WA
2nd 9167 Dave Hanson
AC Type 1 Convertible 1st 9100 Andrew Baudino Spanaway, WA
2nd 9166 Tangee Holub Portland, OR
AC Type II 67 & Older 1st 9041 Jed Peters Canby, OR
2nd 9135 Jason & Sandy Hennig Hillsboro, OR
AC Type II 68 & Newer 1st 9168 Chenielle Holub Portland, OR
2nd 9148 Philip Wright Salem, OR
Type III 1st 9039 Joel Mitchell Kennewick, WA
2nd 9057 Sarah Medeiros
Type IV 1st 9074 Dana Olsen Springfield, OR
Ghia 1st 9106 Pat McFarland Laketapps, WA
2nd 9017 Jason Smith Canby, OR
Thing 1st 9078 David Campbell Shelton, WA
2nd 9054 Jake Pigg Albany, OR
AC Custom 1st 9076 Joe Riggs/Tracy Buckner Portland, OR
2nd 9137 Kristin Braun Albany, OR
AC Special Interest 1st 9062 Alex Christensen
2nd 9022 Brian & Sallie Frank Newberg, OR
WC 1st Gen 1st 9113 Ignacio Palacios Aurora, OR
2nd 9107 Glen Ekstrom Vancouver, WA
WC 2nd Gen 1st 9109 Dianna Kopetski Portland, OR
2nd 9131 Alija Tucakovic Beaverton, OR
WC 3rd Gen 1st 9047 JR Swan Wilsonville, OR
2nd 9055 Silvestre Cruz Albany, OR
WC 4th Gen 1st 9132 Mario Sweeney Oregon City, OR
2nd 9035 Matt Mctavash Portland, OR
New Beetle 1st 9024 Don Peterson Vancouver, WA
WC Special Interest 1st 9053 Glenn Huiett Keizer, OR
2nd 9120 Dwain Hampton Woodland, WA
Joe Locicero 9150 Sean Merton Lebanon, OR
People’s Choice 9053 Glenn Huiett Keizer, OR


2009 NW Bug Run Race Results

VW Pro

W: Darin Thramer, Eugene, OR (’65 VW Bug) .115, 13.673, 93.60 (13.59 dial).
R/U: Craig Hobbs, Myrtle Creek, OR (’68 VW Bug) .197, 16.298, 82.53 (13.60 dial).
Semi’s: Jesse Seversen, Seattle, WA (’60 VW);

W: Dan Bullis, Vancouver, WA (’04 VW) .016, 14.502, 93.51 (14.51 dial).
R/U: James Zimmerman, Federal Way, WA (’69 VW) .037, 14.942, 85.75 (14.99 dial).
Semi’s: Dave Bench, Woodburn, OR (’56 VW Bug); David Wright, Oak Harbor, WA (’69 VW).