Bigger than Ever!

Just when you thought the Northwest Bug Run couldn’t get any bigger or sunnier – the bar is raised and records are broken.  The weather guessers predicted a single day of sunshine for Saturday a week before the show and yet again they got it wrong.  Three beautiful days of sunshine and the first 80+ degree weekend of the year brought out VW enthusiasts in droves.

Oval Window

There has not been a rush like the one experience this weekend on the Woodburn Dragstrip gates for a Bug Run in anyone’s recent memory.  There were four solid lanes backing out to Hwy 219 from the front gates and traffic was lining up down the highway for an hour or two in the morning.  In a Bug Run first – the track temporarily opened the back gate to handle the crowds.  To say that the turnout was at times overwhelming would be an understatement.

The relatively dry condition of the grassy area at the north end of the track property allowed a last minute shuffle in the layout of the show and swap areas this year.  Instead of having the show cars on the staging lane pavement like the past two years – the long coveted “dry” parking plan was implemented with the show cars in the grass and the swap meet surrounding the show.  The goal was to get the cars off the pavement and into the cooler grass, provide more room for show cars, and generate more traffic between the show and swap area.  With over 225 registered show cars (not including the cars that were parked in the show area, but not registered) it was a good thing we had the extra room as the show area was almost completely full by 11am!

The 50/50 raffle and Blow-Up Motor proceeds benefited the Union Gospel Mission.  The mission provided 4 volunteers that spent a good portion of the day selling spaces on the blow-up motor board.  How about that Blow-up motor?  Can you believe it lasted for 6 minutes and 39 seconds?  That motor lasted longer than the previous four blow-up motors combined!

Volksters Choice
Volkster Choice Award went to Jason Sample’s blue 63 Beetle with matching single-wheel trailer

The Rose City Volksters would like to thank our supporters that help make the Northwest Bug Run a success:  Avery’s Aircooled Parts, Discount Import Parts, Autosport Int’l, folksWerks, Chuck’s VolksWerks, House Of Ghia, Maaco of Vancouver, and the title sponsor – HM Motorsports.


Event Photos

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2011 Show & Shine Results

Model Place Owner Year & Model City/State
Type 1 Split & Oval (‘46 to ‘57) 1st Ashley Roscoe 1950 Beetle Oregon City, OR
2nd Curt Kolar 1957 Beetle Lynnwood, WA
Type 1 Early (‘57 to ‘67) 1st Andy & Jennifer Wooldridge 1965 Beetle Ridgefield, WA
2nd Alan Beckel 1967 Beetle Vancouver, WA
Type 1 Late  (‘68 and newer) 1st Bob Stanton 1969 Beetle Vancouver, WA
2nd Paul Bubak 1968 Beetle Seattle, WA
Type 1 Super Beetle 1st Natalie Nordlund 1972 Super Beetle Tacoma, WA
2nd Danielle Geissler 1974 Super Beetle Dallas, OR
Type 1 Convertible Early (pre ‘70) 1st Dustin Howell 1952 Beetle Convertible West Linn,OR
2nd Ryan Corno 1967 Beetle Convertible Vancouver, WA
Type 1 Convertible Late (‘70 – ‘79) 1st Tangee 1977 Beetle Convertible Portland, OR
2nd Natalie Tyler 1971 Super Beetle Conv. Happy Valley, OR
Type 2 Bus Early (pre ‘67) 1st Michael Iannuzzo 1960 Bus (23 window) Scotts Valley,
2nd Jed Peters 1961 Bus (23 window) Canby, OR
Type 2 Bus Late (‘68 & later) 1st Tangee & Chenielle 1978 Bus Salem, OR
2nd Michael Shapiro 1974 Bus Seattle, WA
Type 2 Single/Double Cab 1st Andy Baudino 1969 Single Cab Spanaway, WA
2nd Larry Cook 1966 Double Cab St. Helens, OR
Type 3 1st Joel Mitchell 1964 Notchback Tri-Cities, WA
2nd Jordan Stephenson 1965 Notchback Vancouver, WA
Ghia 1st Dustin Howell 1958 Ghia Convertible West Linn,OR
2nd Jason Smith 1963 Ghia Canby, OR
Thing 1st Silvester Cruz 1973 Thing Lebanon, OR
2nd Don Fornasier 1973 Thing Merlin, OR
Off-road/Race 1st Shawn Bowlby 1968 Manx Hillsboro, OR
2nd Trevin Kaiser 1964 Manx Portland, OR
Custom 1st Trampus Bingman 1970 Beetle The Dalles, OR
2nd Bob Hellman 1968 Beetle Albany, OR
Special Interest 1st Rein Wilson 1955 Porsche Spyder Vancouver, WA
2nd Willie Mortimer 1942 Kubelwagen Newport, OR
Rat Rod 1st James Fountain 1964 Beetle Maple Valley, WA
2nd Paul Hornbuck 1958 Beetle Grants Pass, OR
A1 1974 to 1984 and Cabrio to ’93 (ex Scirocco) 1st Don Cowan 1979 Rabbit Oregon City, OR
2nd Clinton Gilliland 1984 GTI Vancouver, WA
A2 1985 to 1992 (ex Corrado) 1st Aleah Tucakovic 1988 Jetta Beaverton, OR
2nd Brian Zettervall 1989 Jetta Gresham, OR
A3 1993 to 1999 1st Bailey Dennis 1996 Golf Vancouver, WA
2nd Brian Pyle 1997 GTI Portland, OR
A4 1999 to 2005 1st Eric Murray 2004 R-32 Portland, OR
2nd Mindy McCombs 2001 Jetta Beaverton, OR
A5 1st Clint Johnston 2008 R32 Portland, OR
Scirocco & Corrado 1st Tyler Nightingal 1990 Corrado Silverton, OR
2nd Paul Wooward 1990 Corrado Tigard, OR
Passat & Audi 1st Dustin Schuster 2001 Audo S4 Vancouver, WA
2nd Toni Shattuck 1996 Passat Wagon Ridgefield, WA
Special Interest 1st Harlan Bachmeier 1986 Porsche Newberg, OR
Volkster’s Choice Jason Sample 1963 Beetle w/ trailer Portland, OR


2011 Race Results

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